Custom Software Development

Custom Programming From A Professional IT Company

Looking for optimal software, most people face such a problem that they need something unique, appropriate for their case exactly. That is why they have recourse to Custom Software Development services of professional IT companies. The competent specialists will assist in the implementation of a software solution, suitable for your specific purposes, meeting your requirements.

Software developers realize mobile software, desktop applications, web, database design and development and a range of other custom programming services to deliver efficient solutions for your various business purposes. Or you can order retail software development, and sell your proprietary software products.

IT services outsourcing is carried out for all the existing, new and emerging technologies, such as Linux/Unix, Microsoft, Mac OS X technologies, Android platform, various Web technologies, Java, C++ and so on. Besides full-cycle software development, you can leverage software customization services. Implement your software solutions with professional IT companies.



Software Product Development

New software product development is a complicated, multistage process of bringing a new software product to the market. IT companies, experienced in software development for startups, help businesses bring their software ideas into practicable product requirements, consummate the ideas and release high-performance, top-quality software products. A Software Product Development company provides comprehensive assistance throughout all the stages of project development including pre-project analysis, proof of concept, planning and prototyping, minimum viable product development and further software product evolution.



Get Windows 8 Applications

In late October, 2012 the IT giant Microsoft has released the new version of Windows operating system. Windows 8 differs considerably from the previous updates by its advanced operability. The security of the latest Windows version is protected with strong unique features. The interface of the OS has changed for the better tremendously. The latest update has brought in many other improvements recognized by users and IT experts.

It is time to migrate your software apps according to the requirements of Windows 8 and to implement new, cutting-edge software solutions on the basis of the newest platform. Turn to professionals, who have already accumulated the relevant programming experience. These specialists will realize Windows 8 Applications Development according to your specific business needs.



Advanced SharePoint Services and Solutions

SharePoint is a web application platform, used for the development and customization of software solutions for business. It is an equally appropriate solution for small, mid-size and large-scale businesses of various domains. On the assumption of competent customization, the final SharePoint solutions can excellently perform any tasks, for example, sales, accounting, HRM and so on. They bring in advanced content management, increased productivity and other benefits. The technology also makes it possible to react to fast-changing business requirements flexibly.

Professional developers carry out SharePoint Customization of any scope and complexity. Experienced programmers integrate SharePoint with all the information systems, sources and applications within the enterprise. They can develop custom SharePoint plug-ins and add-ons. Software developers can carry out SharePoint web development (intranet portals, extranets, Internet websites design, development, branding) and other services to implement advanced solutions on the basis of this powerful technology.



Retail Software Development

Why retail software is wide-spread among both small business and big enterprises? It usually goes with a complete set of in-line documentation such as user guide, installation manual, etc. and benefits its users in many ways:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Profit earning
  • Built-in help system
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Online community and many other

A professional IT company offers reliable and qualitative Retail Software Solutions for any business needs. With long-term experience in custom software development we deliver software services for various domains and spheres of industry. We will help your business to become prosperous and profitable.



Business Software

A custom software company delivers excellent business software solutions. The software solutions include complex enterprise software systems, personal business applications and/or utility programs for different customers' purposes.

Looking for a reliable custom business software provider, pay attention to the IT company, rendering Business Software Development services for more than 10 years. Qualified software developers with relevant domain and technological expertise will assist you at every stage of the realization of your business IT solution.



Hire Java Developers!

Java is the most popular technology used for the development of enterprise solutions and web, mobile, desktop software such as trading platforms, entertainment apps, E-commerce solutions, helpdesk automation software etc. It's platform-independent, which allows executing the same program on many different systems. Competent programming services will provide unique and effective Java-based software solutions.

The technology is equally appropriate for any scope of software solutions and various business scale and area of application. Java Software Development services from a professional IT company, specialized in Java, include technology consulting, full-cycle custom development, Java integration services etc. Turn to professionals for unique Java software solutions.



Programming of Custom Software Solutions for Health Care

Information technology is actively and efficiently used in health care. To develop custom medical software, turn to the professional software company, specialized in such custom IT projects and having relevant expertise in IT solutions for healthcare domains. Take advantage of professional Healthcare Software Development.

Offshore software company, specialized in realizing custom software solutions for health care, offers full range of IT services for custom medical software development. The company has accumulated wide custom programming experience, cooperating with different healthcare organizations. The IT company develops medical software of any scale to deliver software solutions providing advanced health care data management and its secure exchange.



Time Management Systems

Time management systems are often used to track an employee’s work hours. They enable business owners to see, plan and manage working time, to control labor costs and increase productivity. Time Management System automates processes, which eliminates paper work and tedious tasks.

Our company provides professional solutions for business workflow management. We utilize up-to-date mobile and communication technologies. Our software developers have deep knowledge in various domains and spheres of industry. We develop software that can aid both individuals and big enterprises with design, automation and deployment of diverse business processes (including project management, accounting, labor time tracking, etc.)



Unix/Linux Programming Solutions

UNIX has been a popular operating system for more than twenty years due to its multi-user and multi-processing abilities, portability and powerful networking capacity. Released in 1991, Linux OS is a free open source UNIX OS for PCs. The open source nature of Linux means that the source code is freely available. So, today the project has successfully changed into a cooperation of hundreds of developers from all over the world.

EffecitveSoft offers secure and quality Unix/Linux programming solutions for your business. Our reliable and stable software is based on deep knowledge and understanding of Linux architecture, processes, kernel tools, programming packages and more. Delivering professional development services over a long period of time, we have earned a high repute among the customers.



C++ Development

C++ is a programming language created in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup. It was engineered as an improved version of the C language and characterized by such features as classes, templates, virtual functions, and operator overloading. Being an object oriented and high level language, C++ is considered to be one of the most commonly used programming languages and beneficial in many ways.

Our software development company offers a wide range of C++ programming services across numerous domains and business industries. In the developing process we apply the following technologies: ActiveX ,COM/DCOM, WinMedia ,WMI, DirectShow, etc. We have vast expertise in C++ application development for different platforms and operating systems: Widows, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Win 32, etc. Our highly qualified IT professionals will help you to find the best fit software solution to your business.



Data Base Programming

Databases are the foundation of any software solution nowadays. The functionality and efficiency of the whole system unconditionally depends on the excellent work of the data base. Resort to the professional IT services of a custom software company, specialized in DB programming.

The qualified IT specialists will carry out DataBase Design and Development for your business. They provide:

  • Data base development
  • Custom DB integration
  • Data bases maintenance and support
  • etc.

Database development experts will take measures to optimize your DB speed and operability, minimize the requirements to hardware etc. Moreover, they render database design and development services assuring its security and usability.



Mac OS Development

Hire high-qualified, experienced, certified Mac OS programmers for creating all kinds of custom software for Mac operating systems. The global provider of cutting-edge IT solutions renders the full range of Mac OS Software Development services.

Mac OS Programmers will deliver business Mac OS solutions, entertainment software for Mac OS, web, mobile, desktop Mac OS apps, cross-platform development etc. All Mac OS Programmers from this software company are qualified IT experts with relevant Apple's certifications and profound experience in custom Mac OS development.



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