Custom Mobile Development

PhoneGap-based Development

PhoneGap is a mobile development framework, allowing to build mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 and then reuse the code across different mobile platforms. The result is a cross-platform mobile solution, supporting multiple devices. PhoneGap Development allows to cover more than one operating system and increase the scope of a custom mobile program.



iPad Programming Services

Along with the rise of popularity of tablet computers from Apple Inc., the demand for iPad software is spinning up tremendously. People are looking for various iPad apps. Both entertainment and business iPad software applications are developed and released. Entrepreneurs don't miss the opportunity of applying the advantages of the cutting-edge technology to their business and order iPad programming services.

iPad apps are introduced into different domains (entertainment, finance, education, medicine, etc.). On the one hand, they bring direct profit (all kinds of iPad apps for sale), and optimize the workflow of the businesses, such as iPad apps for internal business purposes (which certainly provides benefit as well, although indirectly). On the other hand, iPad software provides efficiency and facility for users, purchasing them; thus it's mutually advantageous.

If you are looking for appropriate software solutions for iPad, turn to professional iPad Software Developers! They will assist you at every stage of the development of your iPad application, starting with the formation of the concept of your software.



iPhone Software Development

iPhone is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc, firstly released on June 29, 2007. It operates on Apple's iOS and combines the functions of iPod media player, tablet computer and PDA: calls and voice mail, SMS and MMS, Bluetooth, Internet, multimedia (music, photo, video), GPS, etc. The popularity of iPhones is constantly growing among businessmen due to its rich possibilities.

Effectivesoft software company specializes in iPhone applications development across numerous industries and business areas. Our professional and creative team of iPhone developers will help you to implement your idea into a quality and reliable software solution.



Windows Phone 8 Development

Windows Phone 8 is the latest version of Windows Phone mobile operating system, released on October 29, 2012. The system runs on mobile devices based on System on Chips from Qualcomm, represented by four companies: Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. Windows Phone 8 are becoming popular the following beneficial specifics:

  • Multi-processor support (CPUs of up to 64 cores)
  • Better screen resolution (1280x720 and 1280x768)
  • Faster browser - Internet Explorer 10
  • Better application experience
  • Xbox music and video, etc.

With long-term experience in Microsoft technologies, EffectiveSoft provides high-quality Windows Phone 8 development services. Outsourcing your mobile software projects to our company, you will be benefited with our professional approach, time and costs effectiveness, secure and reliable Windows Phone 8 applications.



Why Android Programming?

Among the existing mobile platforms, Android has become the most popular and wide-spread one. It is determined to be installed on mobile devices most frequently of all the operating systems. And more and more software applications are designed and developed for Android, gaining in strength even more.

That’s why it is reasonable indeed to choose Android platform as a basis for the development of custom software application. Therefore it is necessary to have recourse to IT professionals, specializing exactly in Android Software Development, who will implement your idea into a unique and effective Android software application.



BlackBerry Software Development

Develop custom software for BlackBerry handheld devices (BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook). Turn to the company specialized in BlackBerry Programming. Experienced and high-qualified mobile developers with profound expertise in BlackBerry applications design and development will realize your custom mobile software solutions for BlackBerry OS, including mobile applications for the latest version of this mobile platform - BlackBerry 10 software applications development or migration to BlackBerry 10.



Why Mobile Games Development for Business?

Lately mobile games have become extremely popular and wide-spread. It's hardly possible to imagine a mobile device without any game on it. Many business owners take advantage of investment in mobile game development to promote their products or services and to increase sales.

Our software programming company offers professional and quality Mobile Games Development for various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc. We provide both business- and entertainment-oriented comprehensive solutions for various areas of industry with the view of your business promotion and services advertisement.

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