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Why HTML5 Apps Development?

HTML5 is the latest release of Hypertext Markup Language for presenting content for the World Web Wide. It was developed to provide an exhaustive application development platform, which supports 2D graphics, document editing, local file storage, audio and video playback and others. Lately HTML5 is wide spread and supported by all major browsers.

Our company specializes in HTML5 applications programming. The company's development team successfully employs HTML5 to create multifunctional apps for the World Web Wide and various mobile platforms. Our services include HTML5 websites development, offline web apps building, offline web apps building, mobile web applications for HTML5 and others. Get the best HTML5 solution with us!



Flash/Flex Development

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to develop web apps, add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is broadly used for developing advertisement banners, games, animations. Flex is a technology for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIA). It is based on the Adobe Flash platform. Flash and Flex offers a number of remarkable benefits both for developers and end-users, including cross-platform compatibility, rich interactivity, fast loading of Flash apps on the web server, etc.

Our company offers a wide range of professional and quality Flash/Flex Development Services: from creation of Flash and Flex website to game and animation development. We apply up-to-date technologies and development tools in the engineering process to get high quality and stable software solution.



Visualization Software

An offshore software company specializes in Visualization Software Development. A team of experienced software developers will render visualization software design, implementation, QA, visualization software maintenance and support etc. View more Visualization Software Development services!

The custom software provider will create unique, industry-specific software solutions for medicine, statistics, RIA, transportation, manufacturing and other domains. The final solutions have a fully customizable UI, and fast and intelligent access to data, are easy to use, flexible and interactive.



Online Games Programming

Interested in the development of an online game? Need competent assistance of game development experts? Contact experienced and high-qualified Online Games Developers who will help you realize your idea of an online game.

The professional online game developers and designers provide the full range of online game programming services to create the unique, amusing, top-quality online games of any complexity according to your suggestions and requirements. Game programmers will do their utmost to create an amusing online game with elegant graphic design, user-friendly interface and a captivating gameplay up to the highest online games quality standards.



Ruby on Rails Programming Services

If you are interested in unique web solutions, choose custom Ruby on Rails development. The RoR open source web platform allows rapid development, easy maintenance and modification of Rails projects, flexible programming, possesses advanced multimedia features.

Professional IT company specializes in Ruby on Rails Development. Create Web 2.0-compliant solutions, websites, enterprise software, games, rich Internet applications, E-commerce solutions and other web solutions on Rails with qualified Ruby on Rails programmers!



AJAX Programming

Fast, rich, asynchronous web applications of different complexity are created with the help of AJAX web development techniques. AJAX-based custom web solutions are notable for high-performance, speed, interactivity and advanced user friendliness. To develop a unique web solution, turn to AJAX Programming experts. An IT company, specialized in AJAX development, will assist you in AJAX design and development, consulting and support of custom AJAX applications, intended for various purposes.



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