Software QA

Software Testing

Software testing is an essential part of the software development life cycle. It allows the business to estimate and understand the risks of software accomplishment. Presently, there are several types of testing, such as localization, stress/volume, load, performance, regression, etc. The following techniques are utilized in the course of testing: black/gray/white box, ad hoc/exploratory testing, scripted and automated testing.

Our software development company specializes in outsourced Software Testing. Our dedicated team of software testers possesses rich experience and deep knowledge of the testing processes. Equipped with rich and up-to-date technical infrastructure, our specialists offer high quality and comprehensive solutions.



Why You Need Offshore QA Lab

To ensure the highest quality of any software solution, a complex of software quality control is taken. Software companies offer a full range of quality assurance services. To choose the best way to test the quality of software, pay attention to a unique model of rendering such services - Offshore QA Lab.

A professional software company offers customers to organize their own Offshore QA Lab. Thus, the customer company gets a virtual extension of their in-house team. The customer gets unimpeded access to the vast and relevant QA expertise, and benefits from impartial third-party view on software quality. Moreover, time zone difference is advantageous for software testing services outsourcing.

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